Yeah, I’m a Sourpuss

I just wanted to throw a little note out there on this blog that these posts are therapeutic and extremely helpful to other RS parents. I get lots of messages from people trolling the web looking for information and happy to find something with heart. I follow lots of other RS mummy blogs and we all whine and complain about the things that need whining and complaining about and my life isn’t nearly as depressing as it seems here.

I also get messages from people wanting me to know that Grace is beautiful and loved and lovely and I just wanted to say that I absolutely, definitely, without a doubt know that Grace is absolutely beautiful and made in God’s image. I know that He has a plan – I’m completely solid in that and not at all questioning Him in His wisdom. I know that us humans place far too great an emphasis on the usefulness of fellow humans without accounting for their value.

I just wanted those outside of the RS circle and those in my family to know that although I’m a total downer on the blog, I’m ok in real life 🙂 I do feel a perpetual sadness for Grace, but I recognise that I am feeling, not worldly sorrow, but God’s heart for Grace and it’s a very strange mixture of a painful ache and tears of joy I can’t explain.

Love to you all,