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Does it get easier?

“Does it get easier?” “No. You just get better at it.” -The Good Wife I spoke with a new Rett mum the other day. When Grace was first diagnosed, no one told me the things I needed to know. I was instantly sucked in by the charities and was only promised a cure, hit up...

Metaphors for life

“I have only one thing to do and that’s to be the wave that I am and then sink back into the ocean.” -Fiona Apple This one day about 10 months ago…I was in Lulworth Cove. It was an extremely cold, windy day. Very few tourists and they’re usually there no matter the season. I...

Rett syndrome on TBN

“To beg God for healing is to say we have more compassion than He does.” The hubs and I were on TBN Meets with our friend Leon Schoeman talking about a variety of things including how we come to terms with disability and our Christian faith. Oh, and if disability doesn’t float yer boat, Steven...


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