Experiments with Gaze

I’ve been experimenting lately to gauge Grace’s understanding of things. My favourite (and the most successful) has been ‘the bottle test’. I’ll place her bottle somewhere in the room (even in a place nearly out of sight) and say, “Grace I’m just putting your bottle over here.” Then I’ll go about my regular things like cooking or whatever I’m doing. I can wait up to an hour later to then say, “Grace, where’s your bottle?” and she immediately, without hesitation, can turn to wherever I left her bottle and stare straight at it.

We’re trying to use the word ‘look’ often so some day, when we say something like “look at the snack you want” she’ll know what we mean and she can use her gaze to communicate. She’s already starting to do this with all of the sensory things we have strapped to the inside of her crib. She has a choice of three different light/sound toys and she can eye-point to the one she wants to play. Clever girl!