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New fun and games // precocious puberty

Well this explains a lot. About a year ago we first started noticing signs of puberty in Grace. Ya know…hair down there. Underarm issues. Little booblets (not a technical term). But honestly, the most perplexing thing has been the emotions. Ooooh the emotions. Lots of crying at night for no known reason. Still don’t really know,...

Rett Syndrome is a Processing Disability [describing the mental side]

Finally! We have found a way to describe the mental disability side of Rett. Obviously, “mental retardation” doesn’t apply to Rett syndrome. Neither does “cognitive impairment” nor “learning disability”. Yesterday when Grace was having an eye gaze training with Hector from Tobii, he said, “Obviously, eye gaze is more difficult for Grace since in addition...


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