New fun and games // precocious puberty

60116933Well this explains a lot.

About a year ago we first started noticing signs of puberty in Grace. Ya know…hair down there. Underarm issues. Little booblets (not a technical term). But honestly, the most perplexing thing has been the emotions. Ooooh the emotions. Lots of crying at night for no known reason. Still don’t really know, but I do suspect perhaps that’s part of this?

To find the cold hard facts, Grace needed a blood test, a wrist x-ray (to measure her bone age) and an ultrasound of her ovaries. All of these show that her ‘age’ is 10 although she’s 7 which means she’s the age I was when I started my period (yayy for TMI, right?)

Next step? Put those hormones on lockdown. Waiting for a referral to the right doc for that part. Fun, fun.