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Epilepsy Mumbojumbo: Refractory or Intractable Epilepsy

I’m so absolutely wiped today so this post won’t be full of the witty smartassy brilliance I know you love (eye roll) I’m just popping by to share some new words I learned today (tadaa!) Grace had her neurology appointment today and the Dr said something to the effect of: “…Grace’s intractable epilepsy…” “Her…what?” So...

New fun and games // precocious puberty

Well this explains a lot. About a year ago we first started noticing signs of puberty in Grace. Ya know…hair down there. Underarm issues. Little booblets (not a technical term). But honestly, the most perplexing thing has been the emotions. Ooooh the emotions. Lots of crying at night for no known reason. Still don’t really know,...