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A little film for Grace’s birthday

Note: there’s video in this post. If you can’t see it, click here. Yesterday was Grace’s 5th birthday. Pretty much all birthdays have been plagued and unenjoyable. Except for last year when we spent her day at Disney World! C’mon…how can you have a bad day at Disney? Yesterday started pretty well and I thought...

Kids with Rett Syndrome are Smart

When Grace was first diagnosed, we believed she was cognitively impared (aka “retarded”). And, you know, I was ok with that. I thought “That’s cool. She’ll just get pampered and loved and taken care of forever and she’ll never know the difference.” To some, the idea of your disabled child being mentally impared as being...

Picture the Hope Promo Video

Note: There’s video in this post. If you’re reading in your email inbox, click here to view. Because Grace has Rett Syndrome, we’ve been catapulted into a whole new world in the last couple years. Aside from running Gracie May Photography, photographing families and weddings, I’m on the board of Cure Rett and I help to run...


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