A little film for Grace’s birthday

Note: there’s video in this post. If you can’t see it, click here.

Yesterday was Grace’s 5th birthday. Pretty much all birthdays have been plagued and unenjoyable. Except for last year when we spent her day at Disney World! C’mon…how can you have a bad day at Disney?

Yesterday started pretty well and I thought it would go without a hitch. Grace had been developing a cough in the last few days and by yesterday afternoon, she was gasping for breath. She shortly ended up in the hospital with an x-ray, oxygen, a cannula, nebulizer and a diagnosis of pneumonia. Pneumonia is one of a Rett parent’s worst nightmares. Needless to say, her birthday party didn’t happen but Steven and the boys brought her party with them. We had cake and presents in her cubicle with enough cake leftover for all the doctors and nurses on the ward.

This video below is a little something we made to commemorate Grace turning 5 and our gigantic love for her. She’s literally the girl of my dreams.