{AUCTION} 'Gracie's Quilt' by Sue Dales

This beautiful, heavy denim quilt was lovingly made by Sue Dales, seamstress extraordinairre to auction off in honour of our Gracie and the fund raising for her wheel chair. As you will read here, all of the £2000 has been raised for this fancy schmancy piece of equipment but funds are still rolling in and they are being kept aside for Gracie and any future needs which aren’t covered by the council, NHS, or which we can’t afford.

So here we have it! Simply bid by leaving comments below. A beautiful quilt which can be sent to the winner, anywhere around the world! Aution ends May 7th at midnight to the highest bidder, payable in person or by PayPal if you’re far away. Please feel free to tweet this, share it on your Facebook or email to friends. Happy bidding!

P.S. When you bid, click ‘notify me of follow up posts via email’ to stay updated on the bidding