Gracie's got her wheelchair! (pics)

Wow WOW! Gracie got her wheelchair yesterday and it’s so so lovely and exactly what she needed. The man was so kind – he let us keep it because of our trip to Florida. He allowed us to pay him the £1000 which we’ve raised and pay him the other £1000 as it comes in (it was £2k in total, down from £3k!)

(Note: There’s a foot plate being modified because of her short little legs which couldn’t reach:)

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who donated to this cause. Grace is now supported to have a comfortable, safe life and this chair will last until she’s about 6. If you were thinking about donating but didn’t get a chance, there’s still £1k left to pay so please give if it’s on your heart to do so.

See you in Florida! :*)