The best therapy program for Rett parents

If you’re suffering with your child’s diagnoses (and really, who isn’t?), the greatest gift you can give to yourself is coming to Orlando and attending a P3 weekend. It’s like months (years?) worth of therapy in one weekend. I have never moved through so much pain so quickly and with so much support as I did on that one weekend.

Many people travel from other states to attend.

Having gone through a lot of different counselors and therapists, I can tell you that P3 is singlehandedly the most effective program that exists for dealing with the pain of life. If you decide to do it, tell me and I can be there for you as an “angel” if you want. They know about Rett syndrome because of me being in the community and they also support my oldest son in the adult program, however there are also P3 weekends geared for children.

P3 happens every 6 weeks

It’s not cheap (about $600) but far cheaper than the years of counseling you’d spend to achieve the same results. There are scholarships you can apply for if money is a challenge, and I would highly recommend fundraising for this if you need it. Because our daughters need us to be healthy. Self care is a gift you give everyone in your life.

If I ever had the energy to be in the charity world again, it would be to raise funds for the Rett community to access this kind of emotional and mental health support.