Pain vs Suffering

Omg you guys.




I have had one helluva few weeks after recording what you’re about to hear.

Did you even know that there’s a difference between pain and suffering? And that one is healthy while the other is not. And that one can even alter your future AND you perception of the past?

No, neither did I.

Some background on this recording: I have a business where I support brand owners with photography and marketing strategy. That business is called You is Alpha. Part of the marketing for that business is a podcast called How to be Alpha. There are new episodes every Monday. And on today’s episode, I invited in a psychotherapist who is the program coordinator for the workshop I recommended to Rett parents in this post recently.

Well, I thought we were going to be talking business and instead, we ended up talking about Grace’s diagnosis and I discovered the many ways it’s affecting the choices I make in my life and the hope I have for any kind of joyful future.

Some ? trigger warnings ?

We talk about suicide, self harm (cutting) and of course, I talk a lot about Rett syndrome and the feeling that I’ve lost my daughter.

So because this episode ended up being so applicable to you, my dear Rett friends, I’m also sharing it here on this blog.

How to Listen

You can find How to be Alpha wherever you get your podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play, etc) or you can leave this window open and stream the episode below…