A Plea from Elaine – A Brave Woman With a Cause

Elaine shaved her head to raise money for Grace

The following was written by our friend Elaine before she died of lung cancer. Her memory lives on because she made her husband promise to give to Grace’s cause every year 🙂 Way to go, Elaine!

Hi there and welcome to Grace’s website.  My name is Elaine Doxey and I am 62 years old.  I am a reformed non-smoker who gave up smoking 26 years ago.  6 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and was given only a few months to live.  The lung cancer has spread to my brain and I have to undergo radiation therapy, which will cause me to lose all my hair.  But this isn’t about me. It is about Grace.

Grace is a beautiful little girl who has Rett Syndrome.  I met Gracie when my husband, George, and I joined our local church and she simply stole my heart.  Rett Syndrome, whilst currently incurable, has recently been completely reversed in pre-clinical models of the disease. This research desperately needs funding in order to drive the science into treatment for Grace and other girls and women with Rett Syndrome in their lifetimes. When I heard that I was gong to lose my hair to radiation therapy, I decided I wanted to do something to help Grace.  I have decided to shave my head before I lose it to treatment.

To mark the occasion, I am throwing a party for family and friends at my house who will witness what we are affectionately calling “The Shearing”, which will be performed by my wonderful George.  We are asking that people who come to the party make a donation to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust on the day. Our local newspaper, The News, picked up the story and is running an article on Grace and I. It was the newspaper reporter who suggested we set up a site where people who read the article are able to donate directly, should they feel inspired to do so and as such, donations can be made directly through Grace’s blog. People have said that what I am doing is inspiring, but that is not my reason for doing it.

Whilst my life may be coming to an end, Gracie’s is only just beginning.  If I can do something, even this very small thing, that may one day have a positive impact on her life, then I would be remiss not to take what little time I have and use it to help Grace, and others who have been affected by Rett Syndrome. So, wonderful people, I thank you for taking an interest in my story and in Rett Syndrome.  Please join me in supporting this great cause, dig deep and donate now.