Update 21st Jan

It’s been a while! Some bullet points to keep you updated:

  • Grace has started her MDA (multiple disciplinary assessment) which is two weeks with occupational, physical and speech therapists and then in two weeks, we will have a feedback meeting which will include the therapists and her doctors. This is where they all tell us their ‘findings’ as a panel and tell us their plans and recommendations for her therapy/treatment.
  • MRI tomorrow.
  • Grace makes great strides every day. Yesterday and today, she is happy and engaged with us. She is screaming to get our attention (an ear piercing, yet very good sign). She is engaging in the eating process (making eye contact with her food and working with her mouth to get it off the spoon).
  • She has become attached to a couple of toys which she hasn’t ever done before now.

I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting. Will write more after the MRI.