The newest technology in standing frames

For about 18 months now, Grace has had this very basic standing frame given to us by physio –> As you can see, we had to get pretty creative since she’s as floppy as a (insert clever simile here). We had to pad the front of her with towels and then we had to get the ortho team to make gaiters to put on her legs since she always found a way of bending her knees and just sort of hang there rather than actively stand.

So last month, we took Grace down to the physio office to meet the rep from Jenx who provided her with her bee chair and first standing frame. She was fitted for the Jenx Miltistander which we were told wasn’t given to famlies but used in schools for multiple children. We were also told that this was the most expensive frame there is and that it’s the newest thing no one has yet. Dunno how true that is or if they meant overall or just in this area? But being that Grace doesn’t put any weight on her own feet and can’t even straighten her knees, this stander was exactly what she needed. The benefits are:

  • Through hydraulics, the whole unit lays flat while she’s being strapped in and then you push a button and raise her to standing position.
  • There are dedicated knee straps which is perfect because that’s where we get the most difficulty – she bends her knees and then the standing frame isn’t doing its job. This does away with the extra steps of getting her into her gaiters before standing.

So our lovely physical therapist applied to see if Grace would be provided one for use in our home and she got it!

Here are some photos of Grace in her new standing frame