The blood results are in

Originally posted Dec. 16th, ’09

Tonight just before jetting off to a Christmas party, the hospital Dr. finally called. Just as he said he would if there was a problem found in her genetic blood tests. I immediately knew what he was about to say and then he said it: the genes are positive for Rett Syndrome. So there we have it. Just like we knew, the MRIs kept getting put off for a reason – she won’t need one now.

When he said that it came back positive for Retts, I literally felt the ground drop out from under me. I sobbed and sobbed and Steven came right home. But it wasn’t a shock – this is what we already knew and the Dr. suspected it strongly as well. But now we can tell everyone whereas before, we were keeping it hush-hush until the bloods came back.

There’s no need for me to tell you everything about Retts – there is a wealth of information {HERE} on the International Rett Syndrome Foundation website.

We’re hoping to make it home in February. We’re only a few hundred quid from what we need – just need another wedding to book or something :) That would be a good thing to pray for please.