Syringes & Shoes

Steven went to his first solo Grace appointment. This one was a bit silly because she was prescribed shoes even though she’s never even acknowledged that she owns feet. So she got fitted for these custom-made pink leather boots which probably cost £200. She’ll wear them in her standing frame.

Today, we picked up yet another new prescription and, of course, this one is also three times a day. In total, she gets 10 syringes full of yuck each day. And as my friend Catriona told me before I had the pleasure of finding out for myself: the government likes to provide just about every service to our girls except extra syringes when the old ones get the numbers worn off. I have to draw them on with a Sharpie every-other-day because the pharmacists just can’t seem to understand that before a milk-jug sized bottle of Ranitidine runs out, the numbers wash off!

“Ooooh. But we don’t give extra ones.” They say, baffled.

No, you don’t…but you’ll give a pair of £200 shoes to a kid who doesn’t walk.