So so sick

By the way, this beanbag has been amazing for Grace. Click the image to be taken to see where I got it.

Grace has been so so sick this weekend. I must admit sometimes when the boys are down and out, it’s nice to have a calm day cuddling with them, but this is the first time that Grace has been well and truly S.I.C.K and it’s been hard. She just ate for the first time in two days and it hasn’t come back up again so I think she’s on the mend. But for two days, it’s just been vomiting, sleeping, fevers and -ya know- coming out the other end. I never know what to do when the kids vomit just after medicine. Do you give it to them again?

When Grace is ill, her Rett symptoms are harder to control. The crossed eyes, her wild hands, but most of all, the tremors. We have to hold her head still for her because she can’t do it herself.

Needless to say, we’re very much looking forward to a cure. So someday when Grace is puking up the lovely germs some kid gave her at school, we can proclaim, “in the bucket, Grace!” instead of right down my shirt.