Portsmouth’s QA hospital has no disabled changing facilities?!

Today we went to QA hospital in Portsmouth for Grace’s routine eye appointment. She needed a change and I was told I could “use a room in the peds department”. I was thinking “oh, great…a changing room!” Uh…not exactly. When I went over, I was told “those rooms over there are free.” What I ended up with was my nearly 5 year old kid on a baby changing area which (as you can see) she didn’t fit on. Of course, I just laughed. And remembered that before I had a disabled kid, the need for this would have never crossed my mind.

So upon further questioning, it seems that this HOSPITAL (let me repeat….HOSPITAL) doesn’t have any changing facilities for the disabled. Nada. Here, it says that QA is “fully accessible for people with disabilities.” Unless, of course, they happen to exercise their bodily functions.

Someday, Grace is going to be my size. And it’s hard enough already. Most places don’t have disabled changing facilities. So we have to find floors or places where we can deal with it. That’s understandable for TGI Fridays or McDonalds but a hospital?!

Sort it out, people! This isn’t acceptable. Grace and all the disabled people visiting the QA hospital deserve dignity in their already very difficult situations.

P.S. QA, If I’m mistaken and you do have disabled changing facilities, then you should let your staff know. I (and everyone sharing this post) eagerly await your wonderfully positive response.

P.P.S. You can email them to join the campaign to get this changed at PALS@porthosp.nhs.uk