My sister with Rett Syndrome {by Elijah, age 9}

This post is by Grace’s brother, Elijah, age 9

My sister is Grace, she is very famous.

It is really a bummer that my sister has Rett Syndrome, because she can’t walk,talk properly and move her body the way she wants to.

The only thing that bothers me is that she pukes because she can’t eat properly *blech*! But she can be funny sometimes, such as if I am hurt or sad grace laughs right in my face, that cheers me up for a very long time. Grace is always funny, even when she scratches my face with her sharp fingernails.

But when she is sad…no stoping her now! WAAAAAAA!

My sister is four, her favorite movie is Finding Nemo she loves, and I mean LOVES John Lasseter’s movies, Grace adores disney CGIs.

Grace means everything to me, even when she is annoyingly screaming and crying in my ear, no offense Grace! She is my everything!