Muffle and blur – Gracie’s world until now

Oh bless her little heart. A couple weeks ago we found out that Gracie’s hearing isn’t so great and today we found out that she can barely see a darn thing up close. Her sight far away is good but she can’t see near her which explains her total disinterest in toys (maybe….or maybe she’s just too cool for toys) and her total apathy for all things TV.

So now it’s glasses for our little Gracie May and that will go well with the fact that she can’t do anything she wants with her hands. So she (hopefully) won’t be taking them off! And now her masses of hair will be functional and hide the strap that holds ’em on.

Apparently, it’s going to be a pretty strong prescription and in 3 months, she’ll get checked again.

So now it’s off to find some trendy little specks for our fashion conscious girl (she has strong opinions regarding fashion, you now!)