MECP2, Mecp2 and MeCP2 – Do you know the difference?

It’s not likely something you’re losing sleep over, but at times you may see MECP2 sometimes written differently. Wanna know why?

  • When it’s written MECP2 (all caps), it refers to the human gene
  • When it’s written Mecp2 (only the first letter capitalized) it refers to the mouse gene
  • When it’s written as MeCP2, it refers to the protein which the gene expresses.

This info may come in handy most when reading papers written for professionals. It’s kinda like code so they don’t have to say “the mouse gene” they can just say “blah blah blah Mecp2 blah blah” and they know that they’re talking about the gene in mice. Now if that’s not breaking it down in plain English, I don’t know what is!