I didn’t blog her second birthday!

Not much to say, really…it was rubbish. Grace was very lethargic and sleepy. She didn’t stay up past 5pm so she missed dinner (nothing special there just whatever I can puree) and cake. No presents. Had a faux birthday the next day and she didn’t want her cake (texture issues) and didn’t even look at her gifts as the boys opened them (the photos are deceiving – she didn’t even notice). Kind of thinking the day was more for them than for her because she really, truly, honestly couldn’t have cared less.

I can’t say that I was overly enthusiastic myself. Her birthday was a depressing day for me in all honesty. It’s hard to see your daughter ‘growing up’ without growing up at all. I actually feel a lump in my throat just typing that. I’d rather just pretend that she’s not getting older at all and birthdays don’t allow me to do that.