Happy Birthday Gracie May!

Originally posted Nov. 24th

Today is Grace’s birthday and I’m full of mixed emotions. I’m absolutely thrilled and in awe that she could possibly be one already and sad at the state she is in. She doesn’t play with toys or even know what they are, she doesn’t get wrapped up (pun intended!) in shiny trappings and she can’t even eat her own cake (oh crap now I’m crying).

The only cake mix in England is Betty Crocker’s chocolate so I went to an insanely priced US foods in the UK website (seriously…£6 for a jar of American peanut butter – I’m in the wrong business) and bought a pink mix for a shameful £5 + £4 shipping. It should come today. I’m again quieting my emotions with cake! :)

Her big specialist appointment is in t-minus 6 days (Monday) and I’m getting anxious to hurry it up.

And in two days, it’s Thanksgiving! What am I thankful for this year? Free health care (never thought I’d say that!)

Happy birthday sweet girl.