Grace’s tummy results are in {PH Study, Contrast X-ray, Feeding Tube, Fundoplication, etc}

With the PH probe in her nose

Grace and I spent yesterday and today at Southampton General Hospital having a couple of tests done to prepare for her g-tube surgery next month. So for 5 days leading up to her appointment, she was off all of her meds. We expected a hellish few days and….nothing. No crying, no pain…nothing. She had a PH test where the threaded a little probe wire down her throat to record her acid levels because we had reasons to believe that she’s had severe reflux for two years, now {vomiting, coughing, crying, gurgling, etc}. And then they did contrast x-rays to watch some dye go through her stomach to see if there were any physiological reasons for the reflux.

All of this was to decide if she would have a fundoplication at the same time as her feeding tube.

And the results are…{drum roll please}…she doesn’t have reflux! Not at all.

So her feeding tube surgery {a peg} will be very straightforward and nothing too exciting. We’ll still be in the hospital for 3 days, though, but at least it’s the nicest hospital we’ve experienced so far.

thank GOD for iPads

getting her x-ray