Grace's 'big appointment'

Originally posted nov. 30th, ’09

We’ve been getting loads of love and phone calls from friends and family about Grace’s big appointment today so I’m hurrying and writing an update so we don’t have to tell the same story a billion times :)

Today we met the consultant (that’s British speak for Specialist) who took an hour assessing Grace and speaking with us in great detail. The metabolic blood panel done was normal and the genetic one will be 2 weeks (where they deconstruct her DNA and look at chromosomes and stuff). Basically, no answers just more questions. We’re beginning her therapists (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/eating therapy) even though we don’t know what she has yet.

So what now? MRI is the 11th and now we start therapy and wait for more doctors to summon her for appointments (neurologist will be ASAP).

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and concern.