Amazing, New & Rapid Improvements for Gracie

Wow what an amazing time we’re having on holiday in Orlando. After these last 6 months since Grace first ‘came down’ with RS, we really REALLY needed a break and I won a few photo competitions which enabled us to go on holiday for free!

You probably know by now that we’re Christians. And like I said in this post, I don’t sit around begging God or twisting His arm for a healing. But we felt led to take her to see our friend with a very powerful miracle ministry. He prayed very quickly and I resisted the thought that she deserved a longer, stronger prayer. I just had faith for whatever God wanted to do. The next day, she ate Mac n Cheese WHOLE (no puree!) for the first time ever without choking and throwing up everything in her stomach. Until now, even little grains of rice made her choke. Also, that night, she was up for hours in her crib in the dead middle of the night babbling. Not just vocalising but real babbling, “ddadadadd bababababba” type stuff.

We went to see our good friends at church last Sunday and everyone rallied around us to pray for Grace. It was very emotional and powerful, mostly because it was all the kids I grew up with, now grown up with their own kids just like me. Within the hour, I walked into the creche where I could hear her fussing and so…hold onto your seats…turned to me and passionately cried “Maaaamma”. On Mother’s Day, too! It was a really real “Mamma”, not just the incidental babbling which sometimes happens and sounds like “Mamma”.

Also, she’s been kicking her feet so much in the past few days which she’s never done so much of before. I have to continually pick her feet up from the sides of her chair and replace them on her footrest. Also, yesterday during a nappy change, she grabbed her feet like a baby.

All of these are things she couldn’t do before we came here on holiday and began believing for improvements in Grace’s life. Be encouraged!