A fall on the head = one scary couple of hours

It happened so fast. And I realized that my entire life could completely change in a split second.

We were visiting friends for a week in Yorkshire and having a great time talking and laughing in the kitchen. I was feeding Gracie a bottle and, when she was finished, I turned to put her in the special seat atop a bar stool. Before I even had a chance to strap her in, the chair tipped forward and Grace fell from 4 or 5 feet directly onto her head on a wood/concrete floor. It happened before my eyes in slow motion yet I was completely incapable of stopping it. Screaming, shaking, crying ensued. And Grace cried as well.

The front of her head immediately bulged, she went instantly drowsy and we decided to take her to the hospital.

Long story short, after a trip to the most lethargic hospital I’ve ever experienced, Grace bounced back quickly and no damage was done. But I’ll tell you what…my life flashed before my eyes and I was reminded just how vulnerable a little girl she really is.